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How to apply to be a volunteer in our program


1st step

Please download, save and fill the application form with a picture Then send it to the the e-mail address volunteer@ekumena.sk

2nd step

Please write a motivation letter. Why you decided to be a volunteer, what is your motivation and what do you want to reach?

3rd step

We need to get 3 references. Here are some instructions: Please DO NOT provide references written by family members or a close friend of yours. Ask your referee the questions provided. Write their name and contact. The same contacts should be in the application form above. The references help us to know the volunteer better to avoid some problems that might appear in future.

Reference Questions: 

  1. How long have you known him/ her, and in what capacity and how well?

  2. What do you understand to be the applicant’s reasons for wanting to volunteer?

  3. In what ways do you think he /she will need support in coping with the stresses involved in doing this?

  4. Outline your perception of the volunteer’s Christian background, experience and maturity.

  5. Outline areas of the volunteer’s life that they are currently having difficulty with.

  6. Client Groups – Outline any areas of work s/he would be very strong in or struggle with and why? (children under 11, church and non-church youth, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, elderly, homeless).

  7. Living Arrangements - Outline any concerns you foresee for he/she potentially living in any of the following settings? (Host family, with other volunteers, on their own, very busy city, countryside)

  8. Strengths
    - Detail the volunteer’s strengths in areas such as personality,
    temperament, skills, talents/ gifts, and spirituality:

  9. Weaknesses
    - Similarly, please outline areas, which are problems for the applicant,
    or for those around them.

4th step

We need to get a declaration of your health condition from a physician in order to be a long term volunteer. (

5th step - not mandatory basis

To fill the form on religious background

All these info should be sent to the address mentioned above together with CV. The more information we get from the applicant, the better we see how the volunteer fits into our project.

Selection process

ECCSR focuses on finding out what each young person offers (his/her abilities) and where he/she can imagine spending 11 or 12 months. During recruiting process ECCSR tries to talk individually with each candidate about his/her gifts, talents, skills and passions trying to find out the motivation and the best match with the hosting placement as possible. Recruitment process is done carefully with spending some time with each candidate for EVS. We want to find out his/her motivation, expectations. We try to have a personal contact with everyone, if needed one to one confidential conversation etc. Interview can give us more information about applicant’s level of the commitment. All organisations maintain the overall accessibility of EVS for all young people, without prejudice related to ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation or political opinion. When decision is done both, the volunteer and the hosting organisation with the coordination of ECCSR, have to approve the final decision. Only after the both sides give a positive approval, the volunteer is accepted in the program and is consecutively prepared for his or her stay in the volunteering program in Slovakia.

International voluntary service - exchanging program.

ECCSR has been working in this area (coordinating, hosting and sending volunteers) since 2005. Since that time we have been coordinating more then 120 volunteers from EU and USA. In Slovakia we cooperate with the hosting placements where our volunteers are placed during their stay. The main program that covers the costs of the project is EVS (European voluntary service) or some other special programmes of our sending partners (Germany). For EVS program our reference number is PIC 948040365 .

Besides the regular working activities at the centre the volunteer can experience life with the other international volunteers that are coordinated by ECCSR. We provide 3 extra seminars (on arrival + Intensive Slovak language course; midterm and evaluation). We accompany the volunteers through the long life learning process that is the main reason for hosting the volunteers through our organisation. Though we are the church based organisation we are open for any volunteer. However we put a big stress on volunteers who respect the Christian principles which are the basic of our service and some of our hosting placements and volunteers.

Voluntary service usually starts in September and ends in July (end) 11 months. In some cases it differs (starts in August and ends in July (end) 12 months - placement in Zilina)


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